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Digi4MSK stands as an ambitious project that pursues the creation of an innovative methodology to understand, analyse and improve current communication on musculoskeletal health.

Who is the target audience?

We help you to improve your knowledge and decision-making process on musculoskeletal pain.


What do the overarching objectives include?


Reducing skills mismatches among healthcare professionals to enhance their ability to acquire and apply evidence-based knowledge regarding self-management and education in musculoskeletal clinical practice via utilizing digital resources.


Improving musculoskeletal health literacy and digital skills in non-health professionals’ communities to enhance self-management skills, ultimately mitigating the negative impact of musculoskeletal pain in Europe.

These objectives focus on facilitating a swift and effective flow of knowledge related to musculoskeletal health to both health professionals and the general population.


0 Billion
people worldwide experience musculoskeletal pain


~ 0 %
of the EU population is estimated to have low health literacy.


~ 0 %
of the EU population searches for health-related content on the internet


0 Billion€
cost of Musculoskeletal Disorders per year in EU

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