Content from previous projects: Prevent4Work


This is the results page for Prevent4Work, where all the materials created with regard to work-related musculoskeletal problems are compiled. The videos are divided into several categories: neck pain, back pain, musculoskeletal pain and work, P4Work symposiums, etc. You can also see scientific posters presented at international events, and even the workflow followed in the project and where you can download some documents.

To facilitate user navigation, at the top of this page, there is a menu with buttons that will take you to each section. You can return to this menu at any time by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom left of the screen.



Prevent4Work – Neck Pain Playlist

We recommend this playlist if you want to know what neck pain is and its impact on society, its classification, prognosis, management and treatment options, as well as physical exercises you can do to reduce neck pain.

Prevent4Work – Low Back Pain Playlist

We recommend this playlist if you want to understand lower back pain more fully. You will be able to understand what low-back pain is and distinguish its most common symptoms, its impact on society, its prevalence and prognostic factors, what treatment and management options you should choose and the importance of management and self-care programmes. You will even learn about modern evidence-based techniques such as Education in Neuroscience of Pain and what information health professionals can offer.

Prevent4Work – Musculoskeletal Pain and Work Playlist

We recommend this playlist if you want to understand what musculoskeletal pain is and how it affects society. You will be able to find out the best and most up-to-date recommendations for dealing with musculoskeletal pain and the different interventions that can be carried out from the workplace to control and prevent pain. You will also learn about the benefits that work can have on physical and mental health and why work should be considered therapeutic.

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