Kick -off meeting of Digi4MSK Project

It took place at the facilities of the University San Jorge (Zaragoza | Spain).

The first meeting of the European project Digi4MSK took place on November 23rd at the facilities of the University San Jorge in Zaragoza, Spain. The event marked the beginning of this project and was warmly welcomed by the Vice Chancellor of the university, Beatriz Giner. All consortium members actively participated in this session, with notable representation from renowned institutions such as the Foundation University San Jorge, Aalborg Universitet, University of Limerick, European Pain Federation EFIC, Ospedale Galeazzi Spa, Viteco Srl, Synyo, INP Formación, and Irudigital.


Digi4MSK stands as an ambitious project aiming to create an innovative methodology to comprehend, analyse, and enhance current communication on musculoskeletal health, both in content and form. During this inaugural meeting, essential administrative matters were addressed, and the medium to long-term objectives of the project were outlined. The presentation of each consortium partner was conducted with the purpose of identifying potential synergies among participants, fostering the hope of surpassing the initially set expectations for this project.


The day proved to be intensive and productive, establishing the robust foundations upon which Digi4MSK is built. It is anticipated that in the future, this initiative will become a crucial benchmark for improving communication in the field of health, providing an exemplary framework for addressing musculoskeletal issues with increased efficiency and clarity.

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